Simple Past | Completed Activities

Carlos and Tina, two friends, meet and talk about their weekends.

Carlos: Hey Tina. How're you doing?

Tina: Good Carlos. I'm not excited about this week of tests but at least I prepared for them a long time ago.

Carlos: Ahh. Boring week ahead but let's not think about that. Did you do anything interesting last weekend?

Tina: Well, actually, I did. I had a great time. I went to a bar with some friends and then I went to a club on Saturday.

Carlos: Hey, that sounds great. Which club did you go to?

Tina: That new place on King Street. It was amazing. I had a great time. Hey, how about you? What did you get up to?

Carlos: Oh, don't ask. I had a really quiet weekend.

Tina: Why? What happened? Didn’t you go out?

Carlos: Oh, I have those exams this week, so I stayed home and studied for them. You know me. I'm all last minute cram. So, I didn’t go out at all over the weekend. It was so boring!

Tina: Well, you can get out next weekend when they're finished.

Carlos: Hmm. I just hope it's to celebrate and not drown my sorrows.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We use the simple past to talk about completed events in the past. They can be short, long or regular activities.
  1. I had my hair cut.
  2. I went to Nepal for a year.
  3. I played tennis when I was a kid.
Point 2: Be careful with regular and irregular forms.
  1. He stayed home and studied. (stay - stayed, study - studied)
  2. She sang at the party. (sing - sang)
Point 3: Questions with Yes/No answers use the auxiliary verb in the past form with the main verb in the present. In answers the main verb is usually left out.
  1. Did you go out on Saturday? Yes, I did go out/No I didn’t go out.
  2. Did you see Roy? Yes, I did/No, I didn’t.
Point 4: When using question words, the auxiliary verb is in the past form with the main verb in the present. The answer has no auxiliary verb and the main verb takes the past form.
  1. What did you do on the weekend? I stayed home and studied.
  2. Where did Roy go on the weekend? He went to Devon.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
go • run • like • study • get
  1. I in Alabama for my Masters.
  2. I to Spicy Club last Saturday.
  3. My father in the marathon last year.
  4. My family going to the beach when I was young.
  5. Where did you that tattoo?