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Three Little Piggies

Once upon a time, there were three little piggies living with their mother. One day, they left home to build houses. One built a house from straw, another with sticks and the final one with bricks. The big bad wolf was hungry and saw the houses. He went to the house of straw and blew it down. The little piggy inside ran to the house of sticks. Then the big bad wolf went to the house of sticks and blew and blew and the house of sticks fell down. The two little piggies ran to their brother’s house of bricks. The big bad wolf came and blew and blew and blew but he couldn’t blow the brick house down. He climbed onto the roof and went down the chimney but fell straight into a pot of soup the little piggies were cooking. The three little piggies lived happily ever after.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: The simple past is used a lot to tell both fictional and real stories.
  1. Jim Bowie fought for a long time before he was killed.
  2. Someone broke into my aunt’s house when I lived there.
Point 2: A story is just a series of events.
  1. One day they left home.
  2. Then they built a house.
Point 3: The adverb 'then' is used to indicate order of time.
  1. We got home. Then we ate.
  2. First, we went to the supermarket and then we went to the bank.
Point 4: Irregular past tense verbs used in the story:
  1. leave - left
  2. build - built
  3. see - saw
  4. go - went
  5. blow - blew
  6. run - ran
  7. come - came
  8. fall - fell
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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
wake • drive • then • crash • come
  1. Somebody into my car last night.
  2. Then they away fast.
  3. It me up from my sleep.
  4. I ran outside.
  5. Soon after that, the police . It was a headache.