For and Since | With Future Tenses

Andy is visiting his friend Rita who lives in Thailand.

Andy: Hey Rita. How long have you lived in Thailand?

Rita: Oh, I have been living here, let me see, seven years.

Andy: Wow! That’s a long time. You must really like it. This little town of Ayutthaya seems quite interesting. Lot's of history.

Rita: Yeah, it's OK I guess.

Andy: So, how long have you been here anyway?

Rita: Oh, let me think a moment, hmm, I've been teaching English for six years and I'd been teaching in Bangkok for two years before I came here, so I must have been here since 2008.

Andy: That’s a long time.

Rita: Yeah, sure is but, maybe it's getting time to move on. Well, there's enough time to think about that another day. Come on. It's getting late. Let’s get out and enjoy ourselves. You've only got another day here.

Andy: Yeah, better make the most of it. Let's get going.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We can use 'for' with all perfect tenses.
  1. I had been living in Mexico for ten years, and then in 1984 I moved to Canada.
  2. I have been teaching for six hours without a break.
  3. I will have been playing golf for twenty years next November.
Point 2: We use 'for' when talking about a period of time.
  1. I have been here for sixteen years.
  2. I will have been married for twenty years soon.
Point 3: We can use 'since' with all perfect tenses, but normally do not use it with future tenses.
  1. Maria had been in Scotland since 2000, but then in 2011 went to France.
  2. I have been playing this game since ten o’clock.
Point 4: We use 'since' with a starting point in the past.
  1. It has been raining since eleven o’clock.
  2. Tom had been a lawyer since 1960, but in 1986 he retired.
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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
for • since • ten years • 1987 • seven
  1. We have been doctors since .
  2. Marie has lived here a year now
  3. Those dogs have been barking since this morning.
  4. I have been playing football 2000.
  5. I have been living here for .