Present Perfect | Overview

Emma is waiting to meet her friend Brad. They are going to have dinner together.

Emma: Brad! So nice to finally see you.

Brad: Hey, Emma. Yeah, Sorry I’m a little late. No excuses. Have you been here long?

Emma: No, don’t worry about it. To tell the truth, I’ve only been here a few minutes.

Brad: OK. That's good. Hey, have you found a decent place to eat yet? I'm starving.

Emma: No, not yet. I didn't know what you wanted. Hey, I know, have you ever tried Mexican?

Brad: Ah, no, I haven’t. What’s it like?

Emma: Well, I think it’s great, pretty spicy, though. I’ve had it a lot recently.

Brad: Well, let's give it a miss then. How about Greek food? Have you ever had Kleftiko? I love it. I love the herbs.

Emma: Actually, no, I haven’t. It’s lamb, isn’t it?

Brad: Yep. Sure is. Do you want to try it then?

Emma: Sure. Let’s go.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: We can use present perfect to talk about something that's finished, but connected to now.
  1. Have you cleaned the car? Yes, I have. (I cleaned it in the past and it's clean now).
  2. My pet rabbit has died. (It died in the past and is dead now).
Point 2: We often use the present perfect to talk about past events up until now with the expressions: 'ever', 'before', 'never', 'yet', 'already'.
  1. Have we met before? No, we haven't.
  2. Have you ever been to India? No, never.
  3. Have you eaten yet? Not yet.
  4. I have never played chess before.
  5. Ben has already started painting the house
Point 3: We can use the present perfect to show how long present things have lasted.
  1. I have been married for seventeen years.
  2. My parents have always lived there.
Point 4: We use the present perfect to talk about things that have happened several times or to stress this.
  1. I have had four phone calls this morning.
  2. How many times have you been in love?
  3. Amazingly, I have made four podcasts today.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
have move • have play • have write • have be • have eat
  1. My mother since you last saw her.
  2. I dinner yet..
  3. She divorced for a year.
  4. I three books this year.
  5. Andrew drums in the band since 1999.