Grammar Video : Quick Review
Comprehension Questions
Answer the following questions about the conversation.
Grammar Practice
Complete the gaps with the words listed below.
must • should • have
shouldn't • must not
  1. You repeat this to anyone. It is a secret.
  2. You take an umbrella. It might rain.
  3. You to get a visa.
  4. You pay in cash. They do not take credit cards.
  5. You smoke. It is bad for your health.
Modals: Necessity and Suggestion - Must, Should, Have to
Ann is asking Tom for advice on going to Russia. It is her first time to travel abroad.

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Grammar Notes

Point 1 : We use 'must' to stress necessity for very important things.
  1. You must have a driving license before you take the car out.
  2. Must I have a passport to travel abroad?
Point 2 : We use 'should' to make suggestions.
  1. You should take some warm clothes.
  2. You shouldn’t forget to take a hat.
Point 3 : We use 'have to' for necessity and to stress a suggestion.
  1. You have to get a visa. (necessity)
  2. You have to get out of your room! (strong suggestion)
Point 4 : If a verb follows a modal verb, it will always be in the base form (V1).
  1. You have to get a visa.
  2. You should remember to see my aunt.