Conjuctions | And - But

Listen to Rod and Maria two new students on an international program talk about where Maria is from.

Rod: Hi Maria. I hear you're from Brazil.

Maria: Yeah, Sao Paulo actually.

Rod: I don’t know much about it. What’s it like?

Maria: Well, I like it. It's a very big city, and it has a lot of our culture, museums, art, clubs too.

Rod: Sounds interesting.

Maria: Yes, I love it. There's also the Brazilian Grand Prix and we have several soccer clubs in the town.

Rod: From what you're saying, I think I would like to go there one day. It sure sounds like there's a lot to do.

Maria: Yeah. You should go sometime. I may even show you around.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: 'And' and 'but' are coordinating conjunctions used to join grammatically independent clauses to make a single sentence.
  1. It is a beautiful beach. The sea is warm. (It is a beautiful beach, and the sea is warm).
  2. Alaska is beautiful. The winters are terrible. (Alaska is beautiful, but the winters are terrible).
Point 2: We use 'and' when the second clause adds to the first and we use 'but' to show contrast between the clauses.
  1. My new car is economical, and it seats five.
  2. My new car is fast, but it guzzles the gas.
Point 3: When writing, we place a comma before 'and' or 'but' when they join two sentences.
  1. Restaurants are very cheap, and the nightlife is great.
  2. Restaurants are very cheap, but there is no nightlife.
Point 4: 'And' and 'but' can join more than two clauses.
  1. The museums are wonderful, and there is great nightlife, but it is very expensive.
  2. The new Porsche is fast, but it is not cheap, and the fuel consumption is awful.
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Vocabulary Challenge

Grammar Practice
Complete the gaps with the words listed below.
and • but
  1. The nightlife is cheap, there are lots of good places to eat.
  2. London has many historical sites, the transportation is good.
  3. My car was nice, it used lots of gas.
  4. Paris is romantic, it always rains a lot there.
  5. She is beautiful, she can be very boring to hang out with.