Partciples Used as Adjectives: After Be

Dave wants to know about a movie.

Dave: Hey Faye, what did you think of the last Twilight movie?

Faye: It was really exciting. Why?

Dave: Well, I’m thinking of seeing it tonight. I’m usually bored by vampire movies but I've heard that this one is pretty entertaining.

Faye: I find the whole series fascinating to be honest. There is the love element as well as all the thrilling stuff.

Dave: So, I take it you're recommending it?

Faye: Yes, absolutely. You should go see it for sure. You definitely won’t find this one boring, I promise you.

Dave: OK, great. I’ll go and see it. I think I’ll just call Ann and tell her we’re going.

Faye: Ann? OK, yeah. She’ll love it too.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: Participles can be used as adjectives after 'be' or other copula verbs (see point 4).
  1. Old movies are boring.
  2. I was inspired by his talk.
Point 2: We use past participles to show how living things including people feel about something or someone.
  1. Tom is bored by action movies.
  2. Baby Sheila is so excited when she sees her father come home from work.
Point 3: We use present participles to explain how things, factors or people make us or other living things feel.
  1. This constant rain is annoying.
  2. The webinar on empowering yourself was so inspiring.
Point 4: We can use participles as adjectives in the same way after other copula verbs. Some other common copula verbs are: 'feel', 'get', 'smell', 'look', 'seem', 'taste', 'become'.
  1. Romantic novels always seem boring.
  2. I felt uplifted by the rousing music.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
bored • boring • frightened
frightened • moved • moving
  1. The story was very . It made me cry.
  2. I was by the storm.
  3. Going to the dentist can be .
  4. This book is too . It puts me to sleep.
  5. I was with movie, so I changed the channel.
  6. I was by his life story. It inspired me.