Lesson #36 | Phrasal Verbs | Overview

Suddenly it gets a little busy as Rob and Kay are relaxing watching TV. See how the use phrasal verbs.

Rob: Is that the phone ringing?

Kay: I can’t hear it.

Rob: Well, turn the TV down a little.

Kay: Oh yeah, it's the phone. I’ll get it.

Rob: OK, oh,  here's someone knocking on the door, must be the kids come home.

Kay: Can you get it? I can’t hang up this now, it’s my mom on the phone.

Rob: OK, OK. No problem. I’ll let them in.

Grammar Notes

Point 1: Two-part verbs are made from a verb and a particle used together. The particle modifies the meaning of the verb.
  1. Turn down the TV. (Lower the volume)
  2. Hang up the phone. (End the call)
Point 2: We can place the two-part verb before an object noun, and often we can place it between the the verb and particle.
  1. Turn off the music.
  2. Turn the music off.
Point 3: Pronouns as objects are placed between the verb and particle. The two-part verb is not placed in front of a pronoun.
  1. Pick them up.
  2. Take it off.
Point 4: The meaning of two-part verbs cannot usually be worked out from the verb and particle and need to be learned as new vocabulary items.
Answer these questions about the interview.

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Vocabulary Challenge

Complete the sentences with the words below.
turn up • hang up • take off • pick up • turn off
  1. the volume. (eat)
  2. the toys on the floor, please.
  3. the TV.
  4. the phone.
  5. that coat.