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Latest Activity | Lesson 33


Can you .... ? | Polite Requests

Listen to an conversation and learn how to ask nicely for help or requests. We learn how to use Can, Could, and Would. Go to the lesson >>

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pic info Passive: Simple Past
Focus on the Object
The wall was started around 200 B.C.
Lesson #32
pic info Infinitives and Gerunds
Use (it) to ---- , ---ing
I’m also going to use it to play games.
Lesson #31
pic info Indirect Questions: Wh Questions
Do you know what time it opens?
Lesson #30
pic info Partciples Used as Adjectives:
Bored vs Boring, Excited vs Exciting
I was bored with the movie.
Lesson #29
pic info Modals for Requests:
Can, Could, May
May I help you?
Lesson #28
pic info Modals and Possibility:
May, Might, Could, Must
The boss might be mad at you.
Lesson #27
pic info Infinitives: Giving Suggestions
It is a good idea to see a doctor.
Lesson #26
pic info Short Answers: Agreeing and Disagreeing
So, Too, Neither, Either.
So do I, but I had it only yesterday.
Lesson #25
pic info Sequence Adverbs
First, Next, Then, After That, Finally
After that, heat some oil in the pan
Lesson #24
pic info The Past: used to
I used to have a big group of friends
Lesson #23
pic info How Questions
Often, Long, Well, Good
How often do I need to exercise?
Lesson #22
pic info Conjunctions: And, But
It is a very big city, and it has a lot of our culture.
Lesson #21
pic info Adverbs of Frequency
Always, Usually, Never
I never use heavy ones.
Lesson #20
pic info There is / There are
any, one, some
There is one near here.
Lesson #19
pic info Simple Present Passive
The Euro is used here.
Lesson #18
pic info Modals: Necessity and Suggestion
Must, Should, Have to
You must get a visa!
Lesson #16
pic info Present Perfect: Overview
Activities Past to Present
Have you been here long?
Lesson #15
pic info For and Since
With Future Tenses
I've been teaching for six years.
Lesson #14
pic info Comparatives
More than / not as
They're both cheaper than the BMW.
Lesson #13
pic info What...Like?:
Like as a Preposition
What does he look like?
Lesson #12
pic info Simple Past
Telling Stories
One built a house from straw.
Lesson #11
pic info Simple Past
Completed Activities
Which club did you go to?
Lesson #10
pic info Question Words
Who, What, Where, Why, How
Where is she from?
Lesson #8
pic info Present Continuous
Future Plans and Arrangements
What are you doing next week?
Lesson #7
pic info Past Continuous
Ongoing Past Activity
I was watching TV at six last night.
Lesson #6
pic info Future Tense
Be + Going + Infinitive
I am going to go shopping.
Lesson #5
pic info Demonstratives
This, That, These, Those
I love those red shoes.
Lesson #4
pic info Count Nouns
Countable or Uncountable
There is a nice beach.
Lesson #3
pic info Simple Present
Scheduled Events (Future)
The concert starts at seven.
Lesson #2
pic info Simple Present
Ongoing Status / Routine
I work in the city , but I live in suburbs.
Lesson #1