About Sound Grammar

Target Grammar

Each grammal lesson comes with a short audio dialogue that reiforced the use of the grammar and highlights how the target grammar is used in real covnersation.

Simple Grammar Explanation

Each lesson comes with a short set of grammar rules and explanations to help students learn grammar easily and efficiently. Each grammar point focuses on the most essential part of the grammar in use.

Comprension Quiz

Students can take a short comprhesion quiz to check their understanding of the script. This lesson activity is available on the PC, Print, and Mobile versions.

Interactive Grammar Quiz

On the PC and print versions of the activities, students can put the target language into action by completing gap-fill activities that reinforce the grammar and focus on forms.

Speaking / Listening Challenge

Students can listen to questions using the target language and practice understanding and responding to questions using the target language. Sample answers are provided to help students learn and use the target language.

Print Friendly Version

Teachers can print the lessons for inclass use or hand out the printable lessons for homework, self-access study, or instruction for blended learning or flipped curriculum.

Mobile Friendly Version

Students can listen to the audio on their smart phones and access most of the content for free. Teachers can handou the print version have students listen access the media at home.

See sample lessons below.

Study Tip

The more you listen, the faster you improve!

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