Grammar 1-03 | True Beginner | CEFR A1

Basic Verbs - Present Simple

Listen to four convesations using basic verbs.

Conversation #1

Man: What do you do in the morning?
Woman: I wake up, I take a shower, I get dressed, and I eat breakfast.
Man: When do you get up?
Woman: I get up at 6.
Man: Wow, that’s early.
Woman: I know! I like mornings though!

Conversation #2

Man: What do you do during the day?
Woman: Well, I go to school. I teach students.
Man: Ooh! What do you teach?
Woman: I teach math. What do you do?
Man: I work at a bike shop!
Woman: Really, what do you do at the shop?
Man: I fix and sell bikes!
Woman: Sounds fun!

Conversation #3

Man: What do you do at lunch?
Woman: I eat with my friends. And you?
Man: I eat in the park.
Woman: That’s nice.
Man: Yeah, I like to read on my lunch break.
Woman: Ooh, what do you read?
Man: I read about history.
Woman: Interesting.

Conversation #4

Man: What do you do on the weekend?
Woman: I play sports at the park. How about you?
Man: I study at the library.
Woman: Oh, right! You love books.
Man: So, what sports do you play?
Woman: I play soccer with my friends.
Man: Sounds fun.
Woman: It is!

Basic Verbs

Here are some basic ways to use verbs.


What do you eat for breakfast?
Where do you eat lunch?
When do you eat dinner?
Who do you talk to?
How do you get to work?
Why do you study English?


I eat toast and fruit.
I work at home.
I live near the station.


I do not eat cereal.
I do not work in town.
I do not live by my work.

Negative Contraction

I don't eat cereal.
I don't work in town.
I don't live by my work.

Yes / No Questions

Do you eat at home?

Yes, I do. / Yes, I eat at home.
No, I don't. / No, I don't eat at home.

Answer the following questions about the interview.