Grammar 1-04 | True Beginner | CEFR A1

Colors - Be Verb Agreement

Listen to four conversations about the color of various things.

Conversation #1

Man: What color do you like?
Woman: I like the color blue
Man: Why do you like blue?
Woman: Because the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, and blue is a nice color.
Man: I agree. Plus you have blue eyes.
Woman: Haha, yes I do.

Conversation #2

Man: What colors do you like?
Woman: I like red because I like red apples and I like strawberries.
Man: Do you like red tomatoes?
Woman: Yes, I love red tomatoes. What about you?
Man: I like red tomatoes too. I also like watermelon, and watermelon is red too!
Woman: It is red.

Conversation #3

Man: Do eat healthy foods?
Woman: Yes, I eat lots of green vegetables like green beans and green lettuce.
Man: Oh, that's very healthy.
Woman: I also do not eat unhealthy white foods like white bread, white sugar and white potatoes.
Man: Oh, what about white rice?
Woman: I eat brown rice, not white rice.
Man: Ooh! Healthy!

Conversation #4

Man: What is for lunch?
Woman: Yellow curry with black beans.
Man: Ooh! Sounds yummy! And what is for dessert?
Woman: Orange sherbet.
Man: Great. I'm hungry.
Woman: Me too.

Basic Subject-Verb Agreement with Be ( is / are )

Singular Nouns + Be - Subjects with singular nouns use the verb is.

My car is nice.
This shirt is blue.
The game is exciting.
The sky is blue.

Plural Nouns + Be - Subjects with plural nouns use the verb are.

My eyes are brown.
The apples are sweet.
The clouds are gray.
The bananas are delicious.

Non-Count Nouns+ Be - For nouns you cannot count, use the verb is.

The air is dirty.
The weather is bad.
The time is near.
My energy is low.

Plurals vs. Singular nouns - We usually use the plural noun when talking about things in general.

Apples are red.
I love peaches.
Cars are expensive.
I like pink flowers.

Answer the following questions about the interview.